Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Pine Rosin ashore

In late November 2016 we had some strong onshore winds at Sandwich Bay Kent England. There were many items ashore including lumps of pine rosin wood resin. Such a find is not uncommon on the Sandwich and Thanet coastline as most finds are usually pebble shaped and have been weathered by the sea. The pieces that came shore where not weathered and they appeared to have been on the sea bed in a slab form for a long time which is very usual. There is a theory that they may have come off one of the many shipwrecks offshore from the 1703 storm. It is very difficult to prove but the finds are unusual in that form. I have attached some photographs scaled in inches .

As found ashore

Scaled in inches

Three samples collected
A close up view of the largest piece

Previous examples of pine Rosin found ashore on the Thanet coastline.

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